Samstag, 30. Januar 2016

turmeric and cayenne smoothie

hi lovely beauties out there

today I wanted to show you my latest most favourite smoothie recipe I just have discovered.
turmeric is one of the most amazing superfood plants out there because not only does it help with your digestion - and we all know esp. in winter we tend to eat heavier meals than usual - but turmeric also acts anti-inflammatory and stops free radicals with it's antioxidant power. that power doubles in combination with cayenne. that means they make our skin and hair glow and grow. omg!

heute möchte ich euch meinen neusten absoluten lieblings smoothie vorstellen. kurkuma ist eine wahnsinnig kraftvolle und vielseitig nutzbare wurzel - heute möchte ich euch zeigen, dass kurkuma nicht nur als gewürz in pfannengerichten verwendet werden kann, sondern sich auch im smoothie super macht. kurkuma erleichtert unserem körper die verdauung und hilft, schwere mahlzeiten zu verarbeiten. außerdem wehrt kurkuma durch seine hohe antioxidantienanzahl freie radikale ab und verhindert somit ein eindringen dieser schmutzpartikel in unseren körper, was dazu führt, dass unsere haut und haare strahlen. diese wirkung verdoppelt sich in verbindung mit cayenne. omg, wir brauchen mehr davon!!!

für 2 große portionen

4 eiswürfel (optional)
200 ml apfelsaft
1 große orange, geschnitten
1/2 reife avocado
1 große oder 2 kleine reife bananen
1 tl kurkuma pulver
2 priesen cayenne pfeffer
300 ml wasser

makes 2 large servings

4 ice cubes (optional)
8 oz or 200 ml apple juice (no concentrate, no added sugar)
1 large orange, peeled and chopped
1/2 ripe avocado
1 big or 2 smaller bananas
1 tsp turmeric powder 
2 pinches of cayenne pepper
10 oz or 300 ml water

extra plus for using organic products ;)

fülle die Zutaten in der aufgelisteten reihenfolge in deinen mixer und mixe alles auf höchster stufe bis keine stückchen mehr zu sehen sind. sofort und am besten kalt genießen

put all the ingredients into your mixer (use the mentioned order) and mix until completly smooth. best when served cold

decorate with gojiberrys, nuts, shredded coconutflakes if you want for a even more beautiful presentation 

calories per serving: 210  
kalorien pro portion: 210

Freitag, 4. September 2015

why losing weight by using superfoods might be difficult for you

hello everybody ♥
hope you're doing well, enjoying the beginning of autumn (at least here in germany :P)

I know many people are trying to lose a little extra weight at the moment and so I wanted to share my thoughts about the best way to do so plus what I eat when I want to lose a little weight.

Many people, especially newcomers to the vegan diet wonder why they don't lose weight or even gain a few pounds although follwing a healthy and wholesome vegan diet.
The clue is the following: healthy foods such as wholemeal bread, chia seeds, raw cacao powders, avocados, nuts, coconut milk yogurt or oils such as coconut oils or olive oils are consumed in excessive quantities. The main component of our diet still should contain fruit and vegetables and only needs to get supplemented by so called superfoods. Fruits and vegetables have the lowest nutrient density because they are mostly made up of water and therefore provide little carbohydrates that can shoot our insulin levels in the air (what prevents our fat cells from burning!). So don't worry about eating "too much" fruit. It's always better to chose fruit than eating some vegan cookies or some vegan breadrolls.
Don't overdo it with superfoods as there is only a little needed to build a positive effect to your body - for example chia seeds: It's recommend to consum a maximum of 13g per day which is a maximum of 2 tsp! I know many people who easily eat about 3-4 tbsp per day which definitly is too much! Superfoods as avocado, cacao powder, chia seeds, flaxseeds and coconut juice are full of great suplements, minerals and vitamins. But they also contain lots of fats, carbs and calories which - of course - consumed in a small and right amount is totally okay for you but when overdoing makes you gain weight.
Also make sure to eat carby foods in the morning, something light (salads, sweet potato, buckwheat and stuff like that) for lunch and high protein food (tofu, chia, joghurts, protein smoothies..) in the evening. Always combined with fresh vegs (nothing better then some oven roasted veggies drizzled with a little olive oil and herbs for dinner, right?).

Tip: make sure to leave at least 4-5 hours between every meal. That's the amount of time your body needs to work on your fat cells in between every meal which helps losing weight.

B R E A K F A S T examples

f r e s h  f r u i t  is always a good option ♥

R E C I P E 

delicious homemade chocolate bowl / vegan and glutenfree

ingredients (makes two bowls)
5 bananas (super ripe are best)
half a avocado (ripe)
2 tsp raw cacao powder
2 tsp maca powder
opt: 1 tsp chia seeds
5 dates
ice cubes
sip of water

mix everything and serve chilled

I also love to drink some homemade cold pressed J U I C E for breakfast 
(for example when I had like a super heavy dinner the night before)

you literally just can throw everything you find in your fridge into the juice press

my favourite combination is: orange, apple, grapefruit, carrot, ginger (vitamin C kick ♥) 



L U N C H  and  D I N N E R  O P T I O N S

mixed greens with roasted tofu and apple cider vinegar

takeaway option

boiled or steamed veggies are great additions to your main meal

soyjoghurt with fresh fruit, raw cacao nibs and a homemade green smoothie

reminder: of course there are way more food options that are great for you so please don't minimize yourself to those I posted here! And always keep in mind - everyones different. What workes for me might not work for everyone.

Dienstag, 25. August 2015

Doubox by Douglas August 2015

hello everyone!
hope your're doing well. As many girls around here I am obsessed with monthly description beauty boxes just as "box of beauty", "glossybox" or the "doubox" (those are the ones available in Germany).
This month I wanted to show you what I got in my Doubox.

side note: there are 3 different types available at doubox - one smaller size for 15,00 €, a medium sized one for 29,95 € and a big sized box for 49,95 €. Of  course every box type contains different products and the higher the amount you pay the more products you are getting. I chose the medium one.

this is how the box is packed


first product - Macadamia natural oil 'no tangle' styler brush (in the value of 15,00 €)
A long time ago I bought myself an amazing brush for my long hair from "Udo Walz" wich I absolutly love so there's no direct need for a new brush. But I will use this brush from Macadamia on the go as it fits in my handbag perfectly.

second product was the "Beauty made easy" oil blotting sheets (value: 7,95 €).
those are great for long summer days as my skin get's oily very fast. Definitly will use these!

third product was the "Ananyake" Mousse Nettoyante Douceur Fraîche face wash lotion (smaller size than the original product so the value here is about 15,00 €). As I am having very sensitive acne skin this was not the ideal product for me. Nevertheless I wanted to try it out and so used it for a week. Unfortunately I got a terribly breakout on my chin and nose area. Don't know if it's caused by this product but still will not use it any longer. Nevertheless I heared a LOT of good stuff about Annayake products and think that ppl with normal skin will love this product and I definitly think it's a good one which removes all the makeup perfectly and leaves the skin feel fully cleaned. I still would have been more pleased with a face mask.

Last but not least - my favourite product in this box - Urban Decay Perversion mascara (full size) value: 23,99 €.
LOVE this mascara a lot! I never used or tryed it out before as I always was using the Bobbie Brown "everyday" mascara but this one will definitly complete my makeup collection in the future.

total value of this box: about 65,00 €.

It was really fun opening the box and trying out all the new products I got. Thanx a lot, Doubox!

Looking forward to the September box a lot! ♥

Dienstag, 28. Juli 2015

Can you remember the last time you had sore belly muscels because you just laughed too much?

Good evening everyone
a few days ago some friends and I met for a cooking and chatting evening at a friends house. We decided to cook some indian and mexican vegan and healthy food. We had delicious lentils with coconutmilk and curry, guacamole, various hummus and chickpea pastries, whole wheat pita bread and different green salads. The food was excellent, it even tasted that good that we joked about opening a restaurant together so we can spoil the whole world with this ingenious dishes.
I have a friend who has been missing that evening. She's friendly, kind, intelligent and above all one thing: insanely disciplined. I admire her for that property and sometimes wished for her ambition when it comes to that things in the past. She's always in a good mood, talks a lot and acts as if she does not know any problems. But when it comes that our group of friends meets up to cook together, to try out a new cocktail bar that just opened or to go eat out in a restaurant she is always that person that is missing. She pretends to have no freetime that particular evening or just simply does not answer the messages.
The most of us know, that are just excuses not to eat. But it's okay to give in from time to time and just eat or drink what makes you happy in this moment. No one needs to be perfect or ambitious all the time. If you feel like drinking that glass of wine when going out with friends just do it. Life won't be the same without a little treat here and there. Just not make a daily routine out of it. But keep in mind that it does not make you poor, unhealthy, weak or fat if you go on a night out with your friends, enjoying some fries at 4:00 AM in the morning after going clubbing together. That's normal and that's just life.
It's always a pity that she doesn't join us and I also believe that she would have a lot of fun. She misses  the chances of a funny and great night out with her best friends because of the fear to break her discipline when it comes to say "NO!" to certain food.

We must not allow our eating habits transfering to a general fear of life. Of course, everyone has his principles of which he does not want to deviate. So for example myself, as a Vegan, would never not eat products containing animal products and here I make no exception. Nevertheless, we should not forget to live.

Freitag, 24. Juli 2015

Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo palette ~ small review

Hello everyone xx

yesterday I bought the Yves Saint Laurent 'Couture Variation' Palette in the shade "Tuxedo".
In the past I already have experimented with (way too) many different eyeshadow palettes and brands just like Urban Decay, Two Cosmetics, Chanel, Bobby Brown, Too faced and so on but now I was curious to see if a high-priced high-end couture make-up palette can do even more than the old known and already highly praised companies I listed before. 

  The first thing I noticed when I opened the palette were the incredible beautiful colors. Basically you can find nearly the same color tones in the palettes of Urban Decay or Too faced but the YSL colors still act a little more extravagant, a bit more sparkling and with that little extra touch of high class which makes couture precisely to what it is.

The palette contains 10 colors of which 6 are shimmery and 4 matt.
Personally I would wished me the colors a bit higher pigmented. To create a strong smoky eye I had to apply a bit more layers than I normally do when using my urban decay palette. Neverthenless, the colors do look absolutly stunning and beautiful when applied and I was fascinated on how well they blend.

This palette definitly is worth the money because it adds a touch of magic to any look you wish to create. Still, I think it makes sense to combine the Tuxedo colors with another basic range palette just like the Urban Decay Naked2 Basic one.


okay, but now it's time to show you the look I created with the new palette today.
I am incredibly sorry for the blurry portrait pictures - my camery battery just died and I had to take them with my iphone :(

before - only with foundation

All products I used

Estee Lauder - Double wear stay in place makeup (shade 1N1 Ivory Nude) mixed with a pump of:  Manhatten -  Easy match makeup (shade soft porcelain 30) (available in drugstore)

MAC - pro longwear (shade NC20)

ASTOR - Anti Shine Mattitide (shade 001) (available in drugstore)

Bronzing powder
Maybelline NY - Dream sun  (shade 01 light bronze) - drugstore

MAC - Powder blush (shade Mocha)

Bobbi Brown - Everything mascara (black)

Urban Decay - Naked2 Basics (shade Primal)

YSL Tuxedo Palette

Benefit - benetint 

Just air dryed it and left it in a braid overnight - et vóila - beautiful beach curls ♥


 the O P I - Nail Lacquer in the shade russion navy is a perfect match for your nails ♥

so this was my very first makeup review and makeup post ever so please be patient with me if the quality was not what you expected. I will try my best to improve and maybe even show some 'step by step' tutorials in the near future.

Hope you enjoyed this


lots of love

Freitag, 10. Juli 2015

What a perfect friday morning..

Hello everybody

I noticed a new superfood café called "Dean&Dan" in our neighbourhood a few days ago and thought it was an amazing place for a breakfast or early lunch as they offer really cool and healthy smoothies, chia bowls and salads. This morning I was obsessed with the idea of going there but unfortunately - how else could it be - noone of my friends or familymembers hat time to come along. When stuff like that happens it usually spoils me a lot but today I wanted to make things different. So I took my notebook and went there alone.
I ordered a delicious papaya-mango smoothie,took a seat on the terrace right along the road "Rosentaler Straße" worked on some notes and watched the passing people. For the first time ever I started to notice that most of the people sitting there were traveling alone. Most guest were there without any friends or partners, enjoying the benefits apparently. I started to feel that beeing on your own has something meditative and calming. What a surprise!

After my visit at Dean & Dan, I went for a small shopping tour threw the Vintage shop "Herr Schmidt" which is located directly beside the Cafe (what a lucky shot!). Herr Schmidt always is a good stop for  ostentatious jewelry and of course I could not leave without buying two pairs of beautiful earrings. In the past I often noticed that I do best when going shopping alone so I can choose which piece i like and do changing sessions in the dressing room in my own pace, I can visit the stores I want without referring and so on. 
Of course no one wants to be alone all the time and it feels amazing to have friends and family around. Often it's way more fun to visit a restaurant or pub with your best friends rather than going there alone. And of course nothing beats the feeling of idolizing your favourite main character on your new favourite tv show together with your best friend, nevertheless
I want to encourage all of you here to not feel depressed if one of your friends has no time to join you for a trip. Sometimes it's great to spend time only with yourself. And you will be surprised how many new people you meet threw your walk alone -
it is always easier to talk with strangers when you're not surrounded by a group of friend.

wearring my new earrings ♥


Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2015

Incredible Hulk - Smoothie

I N C R E D I B L E  H U L K  G R E E N  S M O O T H I E *

Hello everyone

when you do follow me on Instagram you will know that I love drinking Smoothies all the time.
Smoothies are a great and tasty way to add some raw greens and fruits into your diet easily ~ they also can replace a whole meal if you only crave for something light or don't feel very hungry but want to build up your energy- or sugarlevels.
Many people out there tend to drink proteinshakes or "lowcal"-shakes in the evening instead of eating a full meal believing, it will make them slimmer or does build up their muscles over night. Let me tell you the truth: No it doesn't! Often those shakes are filled with e-numbers, soy proteins, dairy, sweeteners or hormone-loaded additives that harm the body more than they actually help without making you skinnier or fitter at all. There are a lot of ways to add plant based and all natural proteins to your smoothie if you want to drink some extra protein after your workout or before going to bed. For example: hemp seeds, hemp protein, spirulina, chlorella or if you want something already ready you can use the vegan and soyfree >sun warriors protein mix< (which is available in different flavours) and tastes really good.

But back to the very topic: Today I want to show you my favourite green smoothie at the moment.

let's get started ~

w h a t  y o u  n e e d 
(makes about 500ml or 1 large container)

a blender (I recommend the Vitamix or NutraBullet)
big handfull of baby spinach (or 1 cup frozen spinach)
1/2 ripe avocado
1 tsp bee pollen
2 apples, diced - with shell and seeds (or 300 ml apple juice (natural, no sugar added))
1/4 large lemon or 1/2 small one 
a good chunk of ginger (about 1,5 inch or 3 cm)
small glass of water (filtered if possible)
4 icecubes (no need if you use frozen spinach)

optional: blueberrys (fresh or frozen) for your topping

Add all the ingredients into your blender in the order mentioned and blend well for 1-2 minutes

d r i n k  c h i l l e d  a n d  e n j o y

* this smoothie is a low cal one and it has a low glycemic index (GI)

H E A L T H  B E N E F I T S

 bee pollen are known as a great support for your immune system. bee pollen are also rich in antioxidants that protect your cells from the damaging oxudation of free radivals and prevent aging. Many people using bee pollen report that their hair and nails are growing stronger and better since they added them to their diet.

avocados are rich in unsaturated fatty acids which are necessary for our skin to preserve the moisture in the epidermis layer, so that the skin can feel soft and healthy.
 Avocado are also known for their low-burning energy which is responsible for ensuring that we feel full longer after we ate an avocado, and that the feeling of hunger and appetite are thus reduced.

spinach is full of iron and beta carotine which are great for your eyes.